Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Petey" by Ben Mikaelsen

In the book Petey, by Ben Mikaelsen, Petey was just a child with a disability. His body was deformed but he had a normal brain just like any other person around. Everyone in the institution he was staying at thought he was an 'idiot,' a medical term for someone who cannot think. Through his life, Petey has lived through two institutions and a nursing home for his old ages. Petey cannot move his mouth like anyone else, but he has his own language with grunts and groans. Many workers took care of Petey and many became his best friends. Petey also had pictures taken of him and his friends throughout his different caretakers, a photo album was created of these priceless objects. This story is full of tears and laughs, a real joy for anyone who wants an emotional trip. Petey's life is one to be remembered through your lifetime adventures.

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Anonymous said...

that was a really great book wasn't it? i loved it. :)